About the Digital Champion Training

Here is a brief overview of the training sessions.

Course title: Accessing Online Resources (Part 1)

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to and be aware of the issues around creating an email and My Southwark account
  • Understand and evaluate various strategies for searching for information on the internet
  • Identify issues and understand how to support others in completing online forms
By the end of the session more confident learners should be able to: Identify how to support others to set up a wider range of online accounts and search for information online.
Differentiation/functional skills

Differentiation: Tutor will support learners. Will use a mix individual and partnered exercises to encourage sharing of skills/strategies.

Functional skills: Learners to complete exercises in which they set up email and My Southwark accounts. Learners will also complete an online ‘treasure hunt’ to find a range of sources of information.

Course title: Communication, Dealing with Challenging Behaviour and Coaching skills (part 2)

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to better support learners, particularly in terms of how they communicate
  • Be aware of the numerous barriers to understanding computer related information
  • Be aware of strategies and techniques to avoid and respond to challenging behaviour
Differentiation/functional skills notes:

Differentiation: Tutors to support learners. There is a mix of individual activities, group discussion and problem solving exercises to enable people to reflect on the issues raised and learn from each others experiences and skills.

Delivery: Learning is achieved through a mix of light hearted quizzes, practical tasks and discussion around the information being provided and the tasks carried out. Learners will also complete a group exercise in translating computer jargon into plain English. 


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